Reusing cardboard envelopes

Most of my customers would have noticed this, but for the past year I've been reusing cardboard envelopes to send my orders in. I've been looking for those on my local 'Free / Swap / Recycle' Facebook group and it's been really successful. They’re the perfect size for most of my products, and it makes complete sense to keep the envelopes in circulation rather than binning them after their intended single use. Lately, I've also been cutting up old calendars to use as thank you notes with my orders. If you've received one and wondered what they were, now you know!
Calendar cut-outs from Clonakilty artist Les Clague
If you’re local to me and have some non-padded cardboard envelopes lurking around or ready for the bin, I’d be grateful if you kept them for me. Drop me a message!

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