Help our only Wildlife Rescue Hospital!


The Wildlife Rescue Hospital run by Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland - WRI is in a bit of a pickle.... An article about it was posted in the Irish Times this week.

In January 2022, they have to move out of their premises in Navan with all the animals in their care. Entirely run by volunteer vets and wildlife rehabilitation folk, the work the hospital does is vital... 2500 injured animals have been cared for since February this year! The building they have been using up until now is to be developed into yet another hotel, and they haven't found new premises.

I have personally needed their help when i came across an injured badger on the road last summer. It was a bank holiday weekend, the badger badly needed urgent care. I left a voicemail for the hospital to call me back, which they did straight away, and the lady on the phone was able to find a veterinary nurse close to me who was able to help and see the badger. Unfortunately mamma badger didn't make it that time, but many other animals across the country have been saved thanks to the work of this much-needed organisation.

I have set up a fundraiser to help the hospital move the animals to their future location, and to help them get back on their feet after the move. Please donate and share the fundraiser if you can, any amount at all will make a difference to the animals in their care. Thank you <3

Link to my Facebook Fundraiser

Link to their own Paypal Fundraiser

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